squirrelbyte is a “proof of concept” document / search server backed by sqlite.

see it at https://squirrelbyte.com/


server is the squirrelbyte server

it’s a json blob server

JSON documents are stashed in sqlite using the sqlite json1 extension.

it supports a query syntax similar to jsonlogic

it uses sqlite as a data store

the /documents:search endpoint DOES NOT use prepared queries, so it’s recommended /documents:search is used only in safe contexts (read-only, local)

feels verbose … too much indirection … but the show must go on

it serves the static web bundle

perhaps more to come … getting it out there


web is the squirrel byte web application.

web is written in React is js & with frequent use of the lodash library.

the project was started using the create-react-app utility.

it uses to react-virtualized to maintain good performance queries return many results.

few other deps

the code quality & aesthetics are rough … performance & functionality should be good.

perhaps more to come!


I like to explore & understand data from the software services I use – Strava, Garmin, GitHub, AWS, & some others.

Some tools I like for exploring data in general are:

  • Datasette – for exploring sqlite databases
  • jq – for sifting through local json files
  • Honeycomb – for general observability of distributed systems … but in this case, for the query UI & how it works nicely for high cardinality data.
  • Grafana / ElasticSearch + Kibana – for general dashboard building, data ingestion, etc.

For my usecase, I wanted a way to:

  • Stash my data in its “original” JSON form
  • Explore it later & build whatever views I want
  • Keep costs & infrastructure complexity low
  • Self-host it / own my data

squirrelbyte is first step towards these goals — a document / search server & UI, drawing inspiration from tools that I like. What’s here is minimal, but could become more.