Standalone Windscribe proxy client. Younger brother of opera-proxy.

Just run it and it’ll start a plain HTTP proxy server forwarding traffic through Windscribe proxies of your choice. By default the application listens on


  • Cross-platform (Windows/Mac OS/Linux/Android (via shell)/*BSD)
  • Uses TLS for secure communication with upstream proxies
  • Zero configuration
  • Simple and straightforward



Pre-built binaries are available here.

Build from source

Alternatively, you may install windscribe-proxy from source. Run the following within the source directory:

make install


A docker image is available as well. Here is an example of running windscribe-proxy as a background service:

docker run -d \
    --security-opt no-new-privileges \
    -p \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    --name windscribe-proxy \


List available locations:

windscribe-proxy -list-locations

Run proxy via location of your choice:

windscribe-proxy -location Germany/Frankfurt

Also it is possible to export proxy addresses and credentials:

windscribe-proxy -list-proxies

List of arguments

Argument Type Description
auth-secret String client auth secret (default 952b4412f002315aa50751032fcaab03)
bind-address String HTTP proxy listen address (default
cafile String use custom CA certificate bundle file
list-locations list available locations and exit
list-proxies output proxy list and exit
location String desired proxy location. Default: best location
proxy String sets base proxy to use for all dial-outs. Format: <http|https|socks5|socks5h>://[login:[email protected]]host[:port] Examples: http://user:[email protected]:3128, socks5://
resolver String Use DNS/DoH/DoT/DoQ resolver for all dial-outs. See for upstream DNS URL format. Examples:, quic://
state-file String file name used to persist Windscribe API client state. Default: wndstate.json
timeout Duration timeout for network operations. Default: 10s
verbosity Number logging verbosity (10 – debug, 20 – info, 30 – warning, 40 – error, 50 – critical). Default: 20
version show program version and exit

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