Static site generator and html tedium eliminator.


Requires go 1.18 To build and install locally

brew install go
git clone
cd page
go build
go install


Self Hosted Server

page serve -port=8080 ./directory/

Go to localhost:8080 in your favorite browser and view the contents of your site without precompilation. .page files will be automatically converted to .html files

Static Site Builder

page build ./src_directory ./dst_directory

Go through the entire src_directory recursiveley and convert all .page files to .html files and generate any tag directed artifacts

Built in tags


In order for the site generation to work correctly the root of your document must contain <core.html> instead of <html>.



Create css that is scoped to the containing element.

		{  border: 1px solid #000;  /* only applies to the containing div  */ }
		.test { /* only applies to elements of class test within this div */ }
	<div class="test"></div>


Define a user generated tag

<core.tag name="mytag">
		<children />


<mytag name="hi">
	<div>Some html</div>


	<div>Some html</div>


Transform images on disk

<core.img src="myimage.png" resize="256,256,linear" />


  • Single page generation (done)
  • Scoped Css (done)
  • Custom Tags (done)
  • Image resizing (done)
  • <!-- comments removed from compiled html --> (done)
  • Favicon generation (in progress)
  • Local Imports
  • Remote Imports


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