Scoco (Stephen’s Console Counter) is a command-line countdown timer written in Go 1.18, designed for quick and easy countdown timers in your terminal.

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To install Scoco, you can run go install:

$ go get[email protected]

Or download your platform’s binary from the latest release.


Scoco uses Go’s native duration syntax, so creating a new timer is quick and easy:

$ scoco 1m     # one minute
$ scoco 2h30m  # two hour thirty minutes
$ scoco 5d6h30 # five days six hours one minute


Scoco also has a number of command-line options with extra features:

Option Description
-h Show a help message and exit.
-l Lock the timer and ignore all input.
-p Start the timer paused and waiting for input.
-q Quiet, don’t show the infobox.
-v Verbose, show more detail in the infobox.
-c CHAR Set the character used for background patterns.
-s STYLE Set a background pattern style.

Calling -l and -p at the same time returns an error, obviously.


There are a number of different background styles to choose from:

  • clockwise (default): Sweep clockwise from the center.
  • horizontal: Sweep left-to-right.
  • vertical: Sweep top-to-bottom.
  • random: Fill the background in random order.


When Scoco is running, you can control the timer with several hotkeys (unless -l is passed):

Hotkey Description
escape Quit the timer.
space Pause the timer.
q Toggle quiet mode.
v Toggle verbose mode.

In lock mode (-l), the only active hotkey is Control + C, which immediately quits the timer.


If you have a bug report or feature suggestion, please submit it to the bug tracker with as much detail as possible. Thank you!


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