TODO: Repository badges. (Stephen’s Text File Host) is a plaintext file-hosting service written in Go 1.18, designed to quickly and easily host plaintext files under 256 kilobytes.

The Basics

Find yourself a text file under 256 kilobytes and use curl to upload it via form syntax:

$ curl -F '[email protected]'

You’ll be redirected to a new URL with a KSUID identifier showing your plaintext:

$ curl
lorem ipsum dolor sit whatever

The Rules

  1. Only plaintext files accepted, or you get a 415.
  2. Only files under 256 kilobytes (256000 bytes) accepted, or you get a 413.
  3. Only ten uploads permitted per day, or you get a 429.
  4. Files are stored for one month (60*60*24*31 seconds) and then permanently deleted.
  5. All URLs are public, so don’t share your URL with anyone who shouldn’t see it.

Finally, STFH reserves the right to delete any content that is found to be pornographic, cryptographic, illegal or just plain wrong, as per our standards. Be smart about this.

That’s All

If you have any questions or feedback, please email it to [email protected]. If you have any bug reports or feature suggestions, submit them to the bug tracker.


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