Stream processing with filters


Pub sub mode (PS mode)

In pub sub mode:

  • publisher will send data to memoryStream
  • consumer will receive new messages until it is active (online consumer Ocon)
    • active consumer is one which has active connection with server
  • ACK is based on policy:
    • one time no ACK
    • n times with ACK delay based:
      • linear
      • power
      • random
  • Data is in memoryStream as long as:
    • Expiration condition is met
    • There is no ACK for active consumer and policy is still executed
  • Data is in memory only

Pub sub wih authentication

  • auth is done based on JWT token

Pub sub with authorization

  • authorization is done based on JWT token id
  • memoryStream writers and readers can be managed via console

Pub sub replay mode (PSR mode)

In Pub sub replay:

  • All pub sub apply
  • Exceptions:
    • Data is never deleted
    • Replay consumer (RCon)
      • Is a consumer which can be defined as replay same as online
      • Will get all item from beginning of memoryStream

Preserved streams and consumers (only Replay)

  • Data is never deleted
  • Data is saved in persistent storage:
    • File
    • Document DB
    • SQL DB
  • only Replay consumers state is preserved

Smart consumer

  • Stream has corresponding .proto file
  • New entity is defined – Filter
    • Filter can be defined as way to postprocess item based on .proto file
    • Filter will allow to pass or not pass item forward
    • Filter can be follow map reduce pattern


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