submonitor v1.0.2 by xpl0ited1


Subdomain monitor with reporting capabilities to Slack, Discord and Telegram


Configure the scanning targets on the targets.txt file, set the reporting config at the config.yaml,
then create a cronjob to execute every day

crontab -e

0 8 * * * /usr/bin/submonitor

Download the compiled binary from the releases section:

Or compile it by yourself

git clone
cd submonitor
go build main.go

./submonitor -h
submonitor v1.0.2
  -c    path to the config.yaml file (default: $HOME/.config/submonitor/config.yaml)
  -t    path to the targets.txt file (default: $HOME/.config/submonitor/targets.txt)


If you would like contribute with this project just ping me on twitter @xpl0ited1 or create a pull request


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