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Fast static photo and video gallery generator

  • Super fast (written in Go and C, concurrent, uses fastest image/video libraries, 4-8 times faster than others)
  • Both photo and video support
  • Deals with any file formats (including HEIC and HEVC)
  • Only updates changed files, runs incrementally
  • Uses relative paths (safe for using in subdirectory or S3)
  • Minimal bloat (no third party frontend libraries, minimal CSS)

Please note that fastgallery is still beta, I am actively working on it


Please see



For dependencies, use Homebrew to install:

brew install vips ffmpeg

Ubuntu Linux

For Ubuntu 18.04 bionic or 20.04 focal, first add my PPA for latest libvips with HEIF support:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tonimelisma/ppa

Then install libvips42 for images and optionally ffmpeg (if you need video support):

apt-get install libvips42 ffmpeg


  1. Download the latest release and unpack
  2. Run make build
  3. Copy bin/fastgallery to /usr/local/bin
  4. Copy contents of assets/ to /usr/local/share/fastgallery


fastgallery -o /var/www/html/gallery ~/Dropbox/Pictures


For the prioritised roadmap, please see

Third party libraries

  • govips, lightning fast image processing and resizing library
  • Feather icons, simple and beautiful
  • Primer CSS, Github’s in-house design system