Supibot Language

Supibot Language (SBL), is a language that compiles to supibot aliases. I created it because I was having a hard time writing aliases in a linear string, and they were getting too long to manage on my own (>1k characters, which was <50 lines in SBL).

Supibot aliases (as defined in the help for $alias) let you create your own aliases (shorthands) for any other combination of commands and arguments.


Documentation is in ./

Simple example:

# xd.sbl

# Executes ping, replacing "Ping" at the start with "pajaDink PING!!!!!"
alias xd
	exec "ping" -> exec "abb replace regex:^Pong replacement:\"pajaDink PING!!!!!\""

Smol feature list:

  • JS Syntax that doesnt require escaping
  • Minified JS
  • Localized key prefix for each alias (set local "key" vs. set "key")
  • Work with blocks of compiled alias as values (for branching execution)
  • Automatically insert errorInfo:true to all $js calls for easier debugging

VS Code extention

There is a VSCode extention that adds syntax highlighting for sbl. Source code.