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Supporting four different mbox file formats in pure golang.

Package mbox implements a reader and writer for working with mbox files.

The package supports four types of mbox files:

  • mboxo
  • mboxrd
  • mboxcl
  • mboxcl2

Use mboxo for the original mbox format.

Use mboxrd to handle lines starting with ‘From ‘ in a way to avoid conflicts by prepending such lines with ‘>’, removing those characters when reading the mail.

Use mboxcl to address lines starting with ‘From ‘ by doing what mboxrd does, but also adding a ‘Content-Length’ header to the mail that provides the size of the mail’s body.

Use mboxcl2 to address the lines starting with ‘From ‘ by doing what mboxcl does, except it doesn’t add ‘>’ characters at all.

You may need to know which type to use when reading or writing an mbox, for best results.

NOTE: These routines do not concern themselves with file locking. You may want to consider that while working with mbox files on systems that might actively write to the file, such the mbox for a Linux account on a local system. This library simply use the golang writer/reader interfaces.

Hopefully, one may use a new structure to work with file locking once golang exposes a standardized, tested file locking API. Currently, one must work with golang’s internal API, or write their own code, for proper file locking.


go get github.com/tvanriper/mbox


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