SVCache is a threadsafe, single-value cache with a simple but flexible API.

When there is no fresh value in the cache, an attempt to retrieve the value will block until a new value is loaded.
Only a single goroutine will load a new value; other goroutines will block as necessary until the loading is complete.

SVCache also supports aynchronously loading a new value before a value has expired.

See the GoDoc for details.


import ""

demonstrateApi() {
    cache := svcache.NewInMemory(func(previous Entry) Entry {
        value, ok := determineNewValue()
        if !ok {
            return previous

        now := time.Now()
        return Entry{
            Value:            value,
            BecomesRenewable: now.Add(3 * time.Minute),
            Expires:          now.Add(5 * time.Minute),

    // Block for a value
    value := cache.Get()

    // peek at the current value if available
    if value, ok := cache.Peek(); ok {


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