Swap between git aliases so that you can git commit as the right author.

Set a number of aliases in a gitlias.toml file. For example, you might switch between a work and personal alias when committing to your own projects on a lunch break. This saves you the hassle of using

git config --set [--global]

or other such lines and provides a more familiar name to refer to them by.


The simplest way to install is by using Go

go install[email protected]


You can see the full usage and supported flags by running gitlias --help. Below is a short example of how the program should be utilised.

# ${HOME}/gitlias.toml

  user = "John S"
  email = "[email protected]"

  user = "John Smith"
  email = "[email protected]"

Switching between them so that your commit messages have the corresponding author

gitlias work
gitlias personal # current active alias

Now your commit messages will have the user John Smith and email [email protected] assigned to them.

Note: this currently writes to the global git config.


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  • add CI


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