Atom Swap

Swap any two tokens on the Cosmos network

An account can stake coins into a pool that is composed of ATOM and any
other single token. Once a pool has been created by an account(s) staking
their coins, people can than swap/trade within that pool to gain one token
over another.

How many tokens an individual gets from another token is relative to how many
tokens of each exist in the pool. Say you have a pool of two tokens, ATOM
and CANYA. There are 20 CANYA tokens, and 50 ATOM tokens. If you swap 10
CANYA tokens, we add those to the pool (for a total of 30), see that our
addition makes up for 1/3rd of the present tokens, which means we get 1/3rd of
the ATOM tokens, which is 16.6666666667. This ensures that we never run out
of tokens in a pool from swapping.


Setup a local server

make start


Run tests

make test


  • Stakers gain fees when people swap tokens
  • Use real accAddresses instead of hacky made up accounts stored without this
    module’s KVstore.


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