A powerful CLI tool built in golang that helps to sync your projects (files & directories) to your personal or private repository!


Requirement: go 1.19

If you got golang in your machine, no you good to go, so we install it from the source

git clone && cd sync.ssh && bash

so this command gonna clone the source and install it in your machine and inject all daemon services and start it!

How to use it

so, after the installation there is few setups which you to do it!

  • Create a private repository ( you can use public repository but not recommanded )
  • Get github token with CRUD permission
  • Now, login sync.ssh with github by the token which you have created
sync.ssh auth --token=<TOKEN> --username=<GITHUB_USERNAME>
  • So, the last step is you need to init the sync.ssh by passsing –repo=<REPO_NAME> flag
sync.ssh init --repo=<REPO_NAME> 

So, its done now!

I would recommanded you to check the sync.ssh’s daemon service, if its running or not if its running, good! you can now sync dirs/files

How to sync a file and dir

its easier process, to sync any file you just need to run this below command

sync.ssh sync ~/Desktop/dotfile

Here, dotfile is a dir – it gonna sync everything inside the dir

In order to sync a file

sync.ssh sync ~/.gitconfig

Here, .gitconfig is a file here, it will only sync the file!

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