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🛸 Overview

fire is a simple tool meant to work in a pipeline of other scripts. It takes domains on stdin and outputs them on stdout if they resolve. The inspiration for this work is the filter-resolved Golang code in this repository. That repo is not updated in a long time and I thought that it was time to switch to the new Golang paradigm of modules. I also added a Dockerfile.

👾 Usage

Available Options:

  -c     The concurrency of the execution (default=20)
  -v     Set this flag to run fire in VERBOSE mode

Normal execution

Just pipe the domain (or the list of domains) to fire:

echo | fire

Here is an example with multiple hosts:

# Don't forget to set the HOST variable!
subfinder -silent -d $HOST | fire 

Verbose execution

You can also run with the -v option to have some other output. This mode is not preferred when fire is not the last script of a pipeline of scripts:

subfinder -silent -d $HOST | fire -v # This is OK

subfinder -silent -d $HOST | fire -v | sort -u # This is NOT OK because all the output will be sorted

Docker execution

You can also execute fire in a Docker container if you prefer running containers:

echo | docker run -i --rm thelicato/fire

🚀 Installation

Normal installation (and update):

go install[email protected]

Docker installation:

docker pull thelicato/fire:latest

🪪 License

fire is an open-source and free software released under the MIT License.


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