A TUI for Reddit. It’s mostly just playing around with Bubble Tea and connecting it up with go-reddit



To create the credentials required:

To run the app

  • set GO_REDDIT_CLIENT_ID to set the client’s id.
  • set GO_REDDIT_CLIENT_SECRET to set the client’s secret.
  • set GO_REDDIT_CLIENT_USERNAME to set the client’s username.
  • set GO_REDDIT_CLIENT_PASSWORD to set the client’s password.
  • run go run main.go

By default it will load your reddit.com homepage equivalent. Navigate by using the arrow keys, select a post by pressing enter. Backspace will take you back to the home view.


  • Display posts based on user account
  • Display individual posts along with comments
  • Add links to posts so they can be followed to the web.
  • Customise the rendering of the list
  • Style the post screen
  • Load more posts as you go through the list
  • Fetch more comments automatically
  • Allow for “collapsing” of comment/reply threads
  • Add footer for showing what keys are available
  • Create subreddit browser (so the user can filter through subreddits)


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