Telegraph Go Bot

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Telegram bot to do anything related to Telegraph. Written in Golang.

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Usage Guide

A detailed usage guide can be found here : Telegraph Page



Deploy to Heroku


  1. Tap on above button and fill TOKEN.
  2. Then tap “Deploy App” below it. Wait till deploying is complete (will take atmost 2 minutes).
  3. After deploying is complete, tap on “Manage App”
  4. Check the logs to see if your bot is ready!

Local Deploying

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
  2. Rename .env.sample to .env and fill values

  3. Enter the directory

    cd Telegraph-Go-Bot
  4. Run all the files in the folder

    go run .

Environment Variables

Mandatory Vars

  • TOKEN – Get this from @BotFather
  • DATABASE_URL – Postgres Database URL. If you are deploying on Heroku, they will automatically provide it.

Non-Mandatory Vars

  • OWNER_ID – Your Telegram ID [Recommended To Set]
  • LOG_CHAT – Log errors to a Telegram Group. Must be a Chat ID of format -10012345678.
  • MUST_JOIN – Telegram Chat where users must join to use the bot. Must be a Chat ID of format -10012345678.


PRs Welcome


Channel :- @StarkBots

Group Chat :- @StarkBotsChat


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