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You can find more information about this project/repository and how to use it in following blog post:

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Quick Start

To use this repository as starter for your project you can run configure_project.sh script, which sets up all variables and file names. This way you can avoid configuring and renaming things yourself:

./configure_project.sh \
    APP_ID="54321" \
    INSTALLATION_ID="987654321" \
    WEBHOOK_SECRET="verysecret" \
    KEY_PATH="./github_key.pem" \


make container  # Builds containerized application
make run        # Runs container at localhost

# From another terminal:
curl http://localhost:8080/api/v1/github/pullrequests/octocat/hello-world


Test are run inside container image, equivalent to the container in which the application runs. To run tests:

make test

Running tests:
?   	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/cmd/app	[no test files]
ok  	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/cmd/app/apis	0.010s
?   	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/cmd/app/config	[no test files]
?   	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/cmd/app/httputil	[no test files]
?   	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/cmd/app/test_data	[no test files]
?   	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/cmd/app/utils	[no test files]
ok  	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/cmd/app/webhooks	0.006s
?   	github.com/MartinHeinz/go-github-app/pkg	[no test files]

Checking gofmt: PASS

Checking go vet: PASS


Predefined CI/CD uses GitHub Actions:

  • Build, Test, Lint Workflow (build.yaml):

    • Builds binary and container image
    • Runs tests and generates code coverage report
    • Performs SonarCloud code analysis
    • Sends coverage starts to CodeClimate
  • Release Workflow (release.yaml, triggered on tag creation):

    • Builds container image
    • Pushes the image to GitHub container registry


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