MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems

Labs and related materials from the MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems course.


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From the official website:

What is 6.824 about?

6.824 is a core 12-unit graduate subject with lectures, readings, programming labs, an optional project, a mid-term exam,
and a final exam. It will present abstractions and implementation techniques for engineering distributed systems. Major
topics include fault tolerance, replication, and consistency. Much of the class consists of studying and discussing case
studies of distributed systems.

This repository was created to serve as an environment for working on the labs.

The tests from the original source tree at git://
have been preserved to a great extent to ensure the authenticity of the labs. The only changes to the tests are updated paths
for different artefacts due to the changes in the directory structure.


The repository is organized as follows:

├── assets
│   └── logo.png
├── cmd
│   ├── diskvd
│   ├── lockservice
│   ├── mr
│   ├── pbservice
│   └── viewd
├── datasets
│   └── project-gutenberg
├── pkg
│   ├── kvraft
│   ├── labgob
│   ├── labrpc
│   ├── models
│   ├── mr
│   ├── porcupine
│   ├── raft
│   ├── shardctrler
│   └── shardkv

The core of each module is represented as a package under the pkg/ subdirectories. Most of these packages are
accompanied by tests in the same directory. The user facing utlitiy command/program binaries are kept under cmd/.

Labs Progress

Mark your progress with this checklist.

  • Lab 1: MapReduce
  • Lab 2: Raft Consensus Algorithm
    • Lab 2A: Raft Leader Election
    • Lab 2B: Raft Log Entries Append
    • Lab 2C: Raft state persistence
  • Lab 3: Fault-tolerant Key/Value Service
    • Lab 3A: Key/value Service Without Log Compaction
    • Lab 3B: Key/value Service With Log Compaction
  • Lab 4: Sharded Key/Value Service


All of the labs from the original source tree has been migrated to go modules. Except for mapreduce, the tests for all
labs may be run as follows:

git clone
cd mit-6.824-distributed-systems
go test

For the mapreduce lab, run the tests as follows:

cd cmd/mr/scripts
bash  # single trial
bash $N_TRIALS  # multiple trials


Required binaries can be built by running go build in the respective cmd/ subdirectories.


Materials presented in this repository are based on the materials from MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems course, which are distributed under the Creative Commons License, as mentioned on their website. This repository falls under fair use of the Creative Commons License.

In case of any disputes, please contact: Arindam Das [email protected]


This restructured repository is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for full license text.


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