Slides in your terminal.



Using a package manager:

  • Go
go install
  • MacOS
brew install slides
  • Arch
yay -S slides

From source:

git clone
cd slides
go install

You can also download a binary from the releases page.


Create a simple markdown file that contains your slides:

# Welcome to Slides
A terminal based presentation tool


## Everything is markdown
In fact, this entire presentation is a markdown file.


## Everything happens in your terminal
Create slides and present them without ever leaving your terminal.


Include ASCII graphs with GraphViz + graph-easy.

┌──────────┐     ┌────────────┐     ┌────────┐
│ GraphViz │ ──▶ │ graph-easy │ ──▶ │ slides │
└──────────┘     └────────────┘     └────────┘

Checkout the example slides.

Then, to present, run:


slides also accepts input through stdin:

curl | slides

Go to the next slide with any of the following keys:

  • space
  • right
  • down
  • enter
  • n
  • k
  • l

Go to the previous slide with any of the following keys:

  • left
  • up
  • p
  • h
  • j


See the configuration documentation