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Note: Maintenance mode. Only severe bugs may be fixed.

The ultimate MangaDex terminal client!


Features ✨

  • Download chapters straight to your computer.
  • Login to keep track of your followed manga.
  • Download multiple chapters together.
  • Searching!
  • (Yes, you can use this to scrape manga).
  • Written in Golang 🙂

Works for Windows/Linux/macOS.

Installation 🔧

This application runs as a standalone executable, and does not need to be installed.

Check out the Releases Page for new releases. To update, just download the latest release.

For bleeding edge 🗡 updates, you may also compile from source:

$ git clone
$ cd mangadesk
$ go get -d ./...
$ go build

Arch Linux

Mangadesk is available through the AUR and may be installed as such (thanks @AmaanHUB!). It may be installed manually or with your preferred AUR helper:

$ paru -S mangadesk

Uninstall ❌

To uninstall, simply delete the executable and its related folders and files.

Your downloads will not be removed by deleting the executable.

Arch Linux

Uninstall with an AUR helper or with pacman:

$ pacman -R mangadesk

Usage ✍

To run the application, navigate to the directory where you stored the executable, and run the following command:

$ ./mangadesk 

Steps may differ for different OSes. For example, in Windows, use a backslash \ instead.

Keybindings ⌨

Operation Binding
Login/Logout Ctrl + L
Keybindings/Help Ctrl + K
Search Ctrl + S
Next/Prev Page Ctrl + F/B
Escape Esc
Select a chapter Ctrl + E
Toggle select all chapters Ctrl + A
Toggle chapter(s) read status

*Note: You can select multiple chapters to toggle!

Ctrl + R
Toggle manga following Ctrl + Q

Settings ⚙

Refer to this document for configurable settings.

Issues ☠

Check out the Issues page for current issues/feature requests.

Contributing 🤝

Always welcome and appreciated 🙂

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the contributing guidelines.

Learning Points 🧠

  • Creating TUIs with tview/tcell.
  • Working with the filesystem in Golang.
  • Goroutines & Context.
  • Go project structure.


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