A CLI application that integrates with Jira. After annoyance by having to leave Vim / IDE / Editor to check something in jira, I created a little application that brings jira issues straight into the terminal.


  • Find the newest release under releases
  • Download the correct version for your system.
  • Add the binary to your path for convenience.



Run the Gojira setup wizard

gojira setup

Issues assigned to you

Gets all issues with status todo / open

gojira issues open

Gets all issues with status in progress

gojira issues inprogress

Info on a issue

Prints information of a single issue

gojira issue {{ISSUE-123}}

Change status on issue

Sets an issue to in progress

gojira issue start {{ISSUE-123}}

Sets an issue to review

gojira issue review {{ISSUE-123}}

Sets an issue to done

gojira issue done {{ISSUE-123}}

Sets an issue back to open

gojira issue open {{ISSUE-123}}

In browser

Opens a specific jira issue in your default browser

gojira issue browser {{ISSUE-123}}


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