Terraform Provider for Atlassian Cloud

The Terraform Atlassian provider is a plugin for Terraform that allows the full lifecycle management of Atlassian Cloud resources.


Atlassian Provider Terraform Registry Terraform Go
>= 0.1.x 6 >= 1.x >= 1.17
Atlassian Product REST API
Jira Cloud Jira Cloud Platform v3




  1. git clone this repository and cd into its directory
  2. make will trigger the Golang build

The provided GNUmakefile defines additional commands generally useful during development, like for running tests, generating documentation, code formatting and linting. Taking a look at it’s content is recommended.


In order to test the provider, you can run

  • make test to run provider tests
  • make testacc to run provider acceptance tests

It’s important to note that acceptance tests (testacc) will actually spawn terraform and the provider. Read more about they work on the official page.

Note : Acceptance tests typically create and destroy actual infrastructure resources, possibly incurring expenses during or after the test duration.

Generating documentation

This provider uses terraform-plugin-docs to generate documentation and store it in the docs/ directory. Once a release is cut, the Terraform Registry will download the documentation from docs/ and associate it with the release version. Read more about how this works on the official page.

Use make generate to ensure the documentation is regenerated with any changes.

Using a development build

If running tests and acceptance tests isn’t enough, it’s possible to set up a local terraform configuration to use a development builds of the provider. This can be achieved by leveraging the Terraform CLI configuration file development overrides.

First, use make install to place a fresh development build of the provider in your ${GOBIN} (defaults to ${GOPATH}/bin or ${HOME}/go/bin if ${GOPATH} is not set). Repeat this every time you make changes to the provider locally.

Then, setup your environment following these instructions to make your local terraform use your local build.

Testing GitHub Actions

This project uses GitHub Actions to realize its CI.

Sometimes it might be helpful to locally reproduce the behaviour of those actions, and for this we use act. Once installed, you can simulate the actions executed when opening a PR with:

# List of workflows for the 'pull_request' action
$ act -l pull_request

# Execute the workflows associated with the `pull_request' action 
$ act pull_request


The release process is automated via GitHub Actions, and it’s defined in the Workflow release.yml.

Each release is cut by pushing a semantically versioned tag to the default branch.



Mozilla Public License v2.0


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