Terraform Version Check

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Terraform version check (tfvc) is a tool for ensuring that your your Terraform code is always configured to use the latest versions of any referenced providers and modules.

NOTE: This project is currently under heavy development and things WILL break (probably)

Example output

Example output


Install with Homebrew on MacOS or Linux.

brew install tfverch/tfvc/tfvc

Install with Go

go install github.com/tfverch/tfvc@latest


tfvc will scan the specified directories and report on the configuration of providers and module calls.

The exit status will be non-zero if tfvc finds problems, otherwise the exit status will be zero.

tfvc .

The following parameters are available.

Parameter Type Description
–include-passed, -a bool (default: false) Include passed checks in console output
–include-prerelease, -e bool (default: false) Include prerelease versions in checks
–ssh-private-key-path, -s, string (default: “”) Path to private key to use for SSH module calls
–ssh-private-key-pwd, -w string (default: “”) Password for private key file if required

Docker Usage

As an alternative to installing and running tfvc on your system, you can run tfvc in a Docker container, for example:

docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd):/src" tfverch/tfvc /src


This project started as a fork of the github.com/keilerkonzept/terraform-module-versions project. However, given the changes that I needed to make to add the features that I wanted to, I ended up migrating to this repo. Still, shout out to keilerkonzept for their work.


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