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Avoid ugly terraform logic and code to transform data. This Terraform provider helps you with the data processing in a clean and easy way by using tools like JQ, YQ and Go plugins.


  • JQ JSON processor.
  • YQ YAML processor.

Use cases

  • Generate, filter, mutate… JSON data.
  • Retrieve JSON data from APIs, process and use it on other Terraform providers resources.
  • Remove ugly HCL code in favor of a more clean and powerful data processing approach.


  • Terraform >=1.x.

Terraform cloud

The provider its compatible with Terraform cloud workers, its focused on portability and thats why it doesn’t require any binary CLI.


To install your plugin locally you can do make install, it will build and install in your ${HOME}/.terraform/plugins/...

Note: The installation is ready for OS_ARCH=linux_amd64, so you make need to change the Makefile if using other OS.


cd ./examples/local
rm -rf ./.terraform ./.terraform.lock.hcl
cd -
make install
cd -
terraform plan


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