Terraform Provider for Nacos

The Terraform Nacos Provider is a plugin for Terraform that allows for the full lifecycle management of Nacos configuration.

Currently, we only support configuration management on Nacos.

However, our goal is to support other Nacos resources as well such as Namepsace, Service Discovery

How to use

Please check Document in /docs

How to develop


OS_ARCH=<your os>_<your architecture> make install
# Example
OS_ARCH=darwin_arm64 make install


You can run an example in the /examples folder at your machine


  • terraform installed
  • accessibility to a nacos server

cd examples/

# Please use your actual credentials here
export NACOS_USERNAME=<nacos username> NACOS_PASSWORD=<nacos password> NACOS_ADDRESS=<nacos address> 
# or declare them in main.tf

terraform init
terraform apply


Terraform provider using acceptance tests.

Please refer to https://www.terraform.io/plugin/sdkv2/testing/acceptance-tests when you add new test cases.

To run acceptance tests at your machine, make sure

  • the accessibility to the nacos server
  • create two namespaces sandbox_1 and sandbox_2 on nacos for testing (check in internal/nacos/resource_configuration_test.go)
  • an installed terraform. Otherwise the test will install another terraform version when running
make testacc


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