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Terraform provider for SORACOM

Please note: We take Terraform’s security and our users’ trust very seriously. If you believe you have found a security issue in the Terraform provider for SORACOM, please responsibly disclose it by contacting us at [email protected].


Documentation is available on the Terraform website: https://registry.terraform.io/providers/ks6088ts/soracom/latest/docs

Get started

  1. See SORACOM CLI Getting Started Guide to create configuration profiles for SORACOM CLI. By default, the SORACOM CLI configuration file will be stored in ~/.soracom/myprofile.json on macOS/Linux or C:\Users\<username>\.soracom\myprofile.json on Windows.

  2. Create following HCL file named as main.tf

# Specify the version of the SORACOM Provider to use
terraform {
  required_providers {
    soracom = {
      source = "ks6088ts/soracom"
      version = "=0.0.2"

# Configure the SORACOM Provider
provider "soracom" {
  # set your own profile
  profile = "myprofile"

# Create resources (e.g. Create SIM group named as "my_sim_group")
resource "soracom_group" "group" {
  tags = {
    name = "my_sim_group"
    team = "soracom"
  1. run the following commands to create/delete resources

# Initialize a new or existing Terraform working directory
terraform init

# Creates or updates infrastructure according to Terraform configuration files in the current directory.
terraform apply

# Confirm SIM group is created via SORACOM CLI
soracom groups list
		"configuration": {},
		"createdAt": 1666314306643,
		"createdTime": 1666314306643,
		"groupId": "3d3cc5f7-9924-41d6-bc5f-f5b73e6ffe05",
		"lastModifiedAt": 1666314306643,
		"lastModifiedTime": 1666314306643,
		"operatorId": "OP0076153716",
		"tags": {
			"name": "my_sim_group",
			"team": "soracom"

# Destroy Terraform-managed infrastructure.
terraform destroy

# Confirm SIM group is deleted via SORACOM CLI
soracom groups list




make build


Custom Provider

# run unit test
make test

# run all the tests which is the same as the ones CI test does
make ci-test


# run all the tests which is the same as the ones CI test does
make -f terraform.mk ci-test



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