Territory of Indonesia

This is a dataset project that currently covering all territory of Indonesia from level 4 to level 6 of administration level. This dataset based on OSM Database that released in August 8th, 2022

How to use

You probably only need all files in ./dist directory to be using in your project. This dataset provides such important data, but there’re two most important, which are OSM ID and Coordinates.

  • OSM ID used for getting higher administration level file. For example, After you get the list of provinces, you can get OSM ID from one of the list item. Then use it to get the list of districts for that respective province, and so on.
  • Coordinates used for making a polygon of boundaries in 3rd party application such Google Maps.

How Coordinates can be so important

As I mentioned above, it used for making polygon of boundaries. If you are using Google Maps Service, it allows you to draw a polygon that represents an area in the cartesian plane. For example:

polygon boundary

Why there are interface files

I hope, these interfaces can help when you have to Marshaling these jsons, into a struct or another data typed collections.

What’s next

I’m planning to change Coordinates struct from 3D array into something like:

    "coordinates": [
        { "lat": 0, "lng": 0 }

The reason is, when you need to create Google Maps’ polygon, it has to use this format to be actually working. So I think, this decision is quite reasonable, so you don’t have to reformat the data when you need to provide it into some REST API for example.


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