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catwalk is a unit test library for Bubbletea TUI models.

It enables implementers to verify the state of models as they process tea.Msg objects through their Update method.

It is implemented on top of datadriven, an extension to Go’s simple “table-driven testing” idiom.

Datadriven tests use data files containing both the reference input and output, instead of a data structure. Each data file can contain multiple tests. When the implementation changes, the reference output can be quickly updated by re-running the tests with the -rewrite flag.

Example use

Place in the go test file:

func TestModel(t *testing.T) {
    // Define the model to test.
    m := NewModel(40, 3)

    // Optional: force output color codes, to debug colorization.

    // Use catwalk and datadriven to run all the tests in directory
    // "testdata".
    datadriven.Walk(t, "testdata", func(t *testing.T, path string) {
        catwalk.RunModel(t, path, &m)

Then, place in a subdirectory called testdata, a text file with some arbitrary name (e.g. example), containing:

# Just a run directive without command is a no-op
# and, by default, tests the resulting view.

# A run directive that inputs the "q" keypress.
type q

Then, run your test with go test . -args -rewrite to generate the reference output.

Then reload the test input file you’ve created above in your text editor, and observe: the test framework has updated the expected output!

Then, run your test again with go test . (without -rewrite!) to verify that your model still matches its expected output.

See the example subdirectory in this repository for a concrete example applied to the viewport bubble.


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