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Welcome to TestKube Template Executor

TestKube Template Executor is a test executor skeleton for TestKube.
You can use it as basic building blocks for creating a new executor.

What is an Executor?

Executor is nothing more than a program wrapped into Docker container which gets JSON (testube.Execution) OpenAPI based document as an input and returns a stream of JSON output lines (testkube.ExecutorOutput), where each output line is simply wrapped in this JSON, similar to the structured logging idea.

Issues and enchancements

Please follow the main TestKube repository for reporting any issues or discussions

Implemention in several steps:

  1. Create new repo on top of this template
  2. Change go.mod file with your path (just replace github.com/kubeshop/testkube-executor-template project-wise with your package path)
  3. Implement your own Runner on top of [runner interface](https://github.com/kubeshop/testkube/blob/main/pkg/runner/interface.go
  4. Change Dockerfile – use base image of whatever test framework/library you want to use
  5. Build and push dockerfile to some repository
  6. Register Executor Custom Resource in your cluster

apiVersion: executor.testkube.io/v1
kind: Executor
  name: postman-executor
  namespace: testkube
  executor_type: job
  image: kubeshop/testkube-template-executor:0.0.1
  - example/test


This Executor template offers you basic building blocks to write a new executor based on TestKube
libraries written in Go programming language, but you’re not limited only to Go, you can
write in any other programming language like Rust, Javascript, Java or Clojure.

The only thing you’ll need to do is to follow the OpenAPI spec for input testkube.Execution
(passed as first argument in JSON form) and all output should be JSON lines
with testkube.ExecutorOutput spec.
You should also have a final ExecutorOutput with ExecutionResult attached somewhere after successful (or failed) test execution.


Go based resources for input and output objects:



For more info go to main testkube repo

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