Text To Speech As A Service


Be sure to install the following go libraries:

go get
go get

Also, the htgo-tts package requires mplayer to be installed, or it will throw an error.

sudo apt install mplayer

Finally, we need ffmpeg to increase the volume

sudo apt install ffmpeg



You might need to create a folder named audio in the directory of the executable.


Start the project with go run main.go or build and run the executable.

Choosing a port

The service uses port 80 by default, but this can be configured by setting the TTSAAS_PORT environment variable.

API usage

Navigating to localhost:8000/hello%20world will return an mp3 file with “Hello world” spoken out. The content type is audio/mpeg.

HTML audio element example

The api can be used as a source for audio tags. For example:

<audio controls>
  <source src="http://localhost/hello%20world" type="audio/mpeg">


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