BatNoter API Module

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This is the api service of batnoter application built with golang.

It exposes ReST endpoints to access and manage markdown notes from user’s git repository. Currently it only supports github repository for storing & managing notes.

Local Development Setup


  • Go version 1.18 or above
  • Docker Desktop

Start postgres database container

Below commands use docker to start the database container.

make network
make postgres
make createdb

Create configuration file from template

The config.yaml is the configuration template file containing default config values.

cp config.yaml .config.yaml

Application uses .config.yaml file to get the config values. Please update placeholder-values from this config file to the actual ones.

Start the server

Make sure that the .config.yaml file is configured correctly & database container is up & running. Then run the below commands to setup the db schema and start the web server.

go run main.go migrateup
go run main.go serve

This will start the server on port specified in .config.yaml file. You can now access the api endpoints.

Run tests

go test -v -cover ./...

This will execute all the tests and also prints the code coverage percentage.

Contribution Guidelines

Every Contribution Makes a Difference

Read the Contribution Guidelines before you contribute.


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