ggu’s Journal API

The API will log journal entries to the correct file in a Git repository.

The file structure of the journal repository will be as follows:


Only two features are supported:

  • Add a new entry — this accepts the current date & an entry. Creates a new line in the corresponding file and appends the entry.
  • Commit changes — this adds all pending changes to the git repository and pushes the changes.

This API does not allow you to read entries, only create new ones.

Deploying App

Make a .env file based on the provided .env_example file, and deploy the app using ./ I also put mine behind an nginx reverse proxy so I can use HTTPS easily.

Building /static

The /static directory was added for deployment convenience & it’s just a copy of a build from

You can update it by doing the following: (assuming journal-frontend and journal-api are under the same directory)

cd journal-frontend
npm run-script build
mv build ../journal-api/static


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