The Nihongo Yet Another GOing Shell

NYAGOS is the commandline-shell written with the Programming Language GO and Lua.

  • UNIX-Like Shell
    • Keybinding like Emacs.
    • History (Ctrl-P and !-mark)
    • Alias
    • Filename/Command-name/Custom completion
  • DOS-Like Shell
    • Drive Letters work on Windows. Each drive has its current directory.
    • copy,move and some dos-like built-in commands work.
  • Support UNICODE
    • Can paste unicode character on clipboard and edit them.
    • Unicode-literal %U+XXXX%
    • Prompt Macro $Uxxxx
  • Built-in ls
    • color support (-o option)
    • print hard-link,symbolic-link and junction's target-path
  • Customizing with GopherLua
    • built-in command written with Lua
    • filtering command-line
    • useful functions: ANSI-String & UTF8 convert , eval and so on.
    • Support to call COM(OLE)
  • Support OS:
    • Windows 7 or later
    • Linux (experimental)