The dataset metadata sharing platform backend.

How to contribute

If you’re interested in contributing code, the best starting point is to have a look at our github issues to see which tasks are the most urgent.

accepts PR’s (pull requests) from all developers.

Issues can be submitted by anyone – either seasoned developers or newbies. Here is the code of conduct



  • Step 1 Setting up the k8s environment, Google GKE or minikube or microk8s are ok for deployment.

  • Step 2 Setting up database and nft storage.

  • Step 3 Setting up ADDR, DSN, MAX_IDLE_CONNenvironment variables, you can check /k8s/configMap - template.yaml for reference.

  • Step 4 Using Dockerfile to build docker image and then upload it to DockerHub.

  • Step 5 Deploy the project by yaml on k8s. And have fun.