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Where are the devs at? Devzat!

Devzat is chat over SSH. Because there’s SSH apps literally on all platforms, even your phone, you can connect to Devzat on any device!



Try it out:


You can log in with a nickname:

If you’re under a firewall, you can still join on port 443:

ssh -p 443

If you add this to ~/.ssh/config:

Host chat
    User yourNickNameHere

You’ll be able to join with just:

ssh chat

We also have a Slack bridge! If you’re on the Hack Club Slack, check out the #ssh-chat-bridge channel!

Public key

Devzat uses public keys to identify users. If you are denied access: [email protected]: Permission denied (publickey), you should generate an ssh key pair with the command ssh-keygen


Welcome to Devzat! Devzat is chat over SSH:
Because there's SSH apps on all platforms, even on mobile, you can join from anywhere.

Run `cmds` to see a list of commands.

Interesting features:
• Rooms! Run cd to see all rooms and use cd #foo to join a new room.
• Markdown support! Tables, headers, italics and everything. Just use \n in place of newlines.
• Code syntax highlighting. Use Markdown fences to send code. Run eg-code to see an example.
• Direct messages! Send a quick DM using =user <msg> or stay in DMs by running cd @user.
• Timezone support, use tz Continent/City to set your timezone.
• Built in Tic Tac Toe and Hangman! Run tic or hang <word> to start new games.
• Emoji replacements! :rocket: => 🚀  (like on Slack and Discord)

For replacing newlines, I often use

Made by Ishan Goel with feature ideas from friends.
Thanks to Caleb Denio for lending his server!


   =<user>  <msg>        DM <user> with <msg>
   users                 List users
   color    <color>      Change your name's color
   exit                  Leave the chat
   help                  Show help
   emojis                See a list of emojis
   clear                 Clear the screen
   hang     <char/word>  Play hangman
   tic      <cell num>   Play tic tac toe!
   cd       #room/user   Join #room, DM user or run cd to see a list
   tz       <zone>       Set your IANA timezone (like tz Asia/Dubai)
   nick     <name>       Change your username
   rest                  Uncommon commands list
   cmds                  Show this message

The rest
   bell             Toggle the ANSI bell used in pings
   people           See info about nice people who joined
   id       <user>  Get a unique ID for a user (hashed IP)
   eg-code          Example syntax-highlighted code
   banIP    <IP>    Ban an IP (admin)
   ban      <user>  Ban <user> (admin)
   kick     <user>  Kick <user> (admin)
   art              Show some panda art
   shrug            ¯\_(ツ)/¯_


People who you might know who have joined:

Zach Latta – Founder of Hack Club: “omg amazing! this is so awesome” Ant Wilson – Co founder, Supabase: “brilliant!” Bereket @heybereket: “this is pretty cool” Ayush @ayshptk: “Can I double star the repo somehow 🥺” Sanketh @SankethYS: “Heck! How does this work. So cool.” Tony Dinh @tdinh_me: “supeer cool, oh, open source as well? yeah” Srushti @srushtiuniverse: “Yess it’s awesome. I tried it.” Surjith @surjithctly: “Whoa, who made this?” Arav @HeyArav: “Okay, this is actually super awesome.” Harsh @harshb__: “im gonna come here everyday to chill when i get bored of studying lol, this is so cool” Krish @krishnerkar_: “SHIT! THIS IS SO DOPE” Amrit @astro_shenava: “Super cool man” Mudrank @mudrankgupta: “🔥🚀🚀”

From Hack Club: Caleb Denio, Safin Singh, Eleeza Jubril, Sarthak Mohanty Tommy Pujol, Sam Poder, Rishi Kothari Amogh Chaubey, Ella Xu, Hugo Hu Matthew Stanciu, Tanishq Soni

Huge thanks to the amazing Caleb Denio for lending me the original Devzat server 💖

Made by Ishan Goel with feature ideas from friends. Thanks to Caleb Denio for lending his server!


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