Shattered Realms Online


The GameBackend microservice for Shattered Realms Online.

  • Manages user requests to connect to the game and assigns them a game server.


The Makefile is located within the build folder within the project root directory. All make commands should be run from there.


This project uses environment variables which should be stored within a .env file located within the project root direcory. If one is not configured, rename .env.template to .env and configure the variables for deployment. These variables can be overwritten in the OS, in a docker env file, kubernetes env file, and at runtime by supplying them before the run command.



Binary: To build a binary output run make build. The output result will be placed in the bin folder in the project root directory. Docker: To build the docker image run make build-image and a image called sro-gamebackend will be generated.


To run the tests and see the coverage report use make test. To view a the HTML results, simply run make report.


Deployment is done using docker. If using an AWS docker repository, running make aws-docker-login will authenticate with the default aws credential context. To push the images, run make push. This will build the image and push them to the docker repository.


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