Go Training Service


The purpose of this project is to allow participants of the Go training sessions to have a hands-on experience, developing and
deploying a simple Go service.


Using this project to develop and deploy a small Go service is quite simple and straightforward. To create and deploy a
new service simply follow the steps outlined below:

Code preparation

  1. Start by creating a branch from main. Make sure that your branch adheres to this naming convention team/<username>.
    For example, a valid branch name is team/dkrizic.
  2. Copy all the contents of the src/template/ folder in a new folder named /src/<username>. Make sure that the
    username defined in the branch name is the same as the name of your folder.
  3. Rename all occurrences of template within the copied code to match your username.
  4. Do all the necessary code changes to your Go code.

Pull Requests

  1. Once all the code changes are done, you can go ahead and open up a pull-request targeting the main branch.
  2. Opening up a pull request will trigger a CI run for your code. This will build your code and verify its integrity.
  3. You can perform any number of commits whilst the PR is open, each triggering a new CI run.


  1. Upon finalizing your code changes and given that the newly added code gets built properly, you can go ahead and merge to main.
  2. ⚠️ Make sure that you do not tamper with GitHub’s default commit message as it contains the branch name. The latter is
    required for the retrieving deployment related information. If a custom message must be provided, please make sure to include
    the branch name in lowercase.
  3. After merging the changes and once the CI is finished, you can verify the liveliness of your service by visiting the following
    link <username>.


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