ricecake is a lightweight framework to build CLI applications in Go.


  • Zero dependencies only uses pflag; based on the standard library
  • Support for subcommands
  • POSIX-compliant flags (short/long flag styles)
  • Action-based API (inspired by urfave/cli)
  • Init Hook (hook for customizing behavior during CLI initialization)
  • Auto-generated help menu!
  • Custom banners
  • Chainable! (see example)
  • Hide commands (see example)
  • and more!


Installing ricecake is easy, just import:

import "github.com/burntcarrot/ricecake"


A list of examples:

Here is an example on using ricecake to create CLIs:

package main

import (


func main() {
	// Create a new CLI.
	cli := ricecake.NewCLI("CLI", "CLI with Subcommands", "v0.1.0")

	// Set long description for the CLI.
	cli.LongDescription("This is an example CLI created with ricecake (contains subcommands).")

	// Set the action for the CLI.
	cli.Action(func() error {
		fmt.Println("I am the root command!")
		return nil

	// Create a new "greet" subcommand.
	greet := cli.NewSubCommand("greet", "Greets user.")

	// Set the action for the "greet" subcommand.
	greet.Action(func() error {
		fmt.Println("Hello user!")
		return nil

	// Run the CLI.


ricecake is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.


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