Deployment mini-service

This mini web-server is made to deploy your code without yaml-files headache.

If you just need to update your code somewhere after commit – use this tool. You can just define simple shell-commands to be done after git http-hook is requested. This mini-service is so simple and secure, it is only about 100 lines long, that you can check security by yourself. Daemon is using only standard library with no external dependencies. It was built using the latest stable go 1.6 release, can do auto-reload of config files and serve you in your small CI/CD deployment tasks.

Just define command in config and place a web-hook in your git to roll out your code changes in production.

Quick start:

Install latest version:

Systemd linux installer:

curl -s -o- | sudo bash

Now only x86, amd64, arm, arm64 systemd linuxes are supported

Modify config (/etc/micro-deployer.json)

Add inside “commands” key a new “micro” hook and a secret:

  // ...
  "commands": {
    "micro": "cd /var/www/micro && git pull"
  "gitlab_token": "123456",
  "github_secret": "123456"
  // ...

Add a GitHub webhook:

Add a Gitlab webhook:

  • Go to Settings -> Webhooks
  • Enter URL: http://my.server:7654/micro
  • Enter Secret token: 123456
  • Put the checkbox on trigger: Push events
  • Click “Add webhook”

That’s it! You are done, you may click test – to check that your command works as expected.

You can use either gitlab_token as a secret token or ip whitelist.

Binary manual install

Download prebuilt binary archive Extract files from archive, copy files as follows and enable autorun:

  cp config.sample.json /etc/mini-deployer.json
  cp deployer.service /etc/systemd/system/mini-deployer.service
  cp mini-deployer /usr/bin/mini-deployer
  # Enable autostart systemd service
  systemctl enable mini-deployer.service
  systemctl start mini-deployer.service

Make sure that’s installation is ok in journalctl -fu deployer or in log file Edit config /etc/mini-deployer.json as you need

Configuration sample:

  "cert": "/etc/ssl/site.crt",
  "key": "/etc/ssl/site.key",
  "commands": {
    "micro": "cd /var/www/micro && git pull"
  "whitelist": [
  "log": "",
  "disable_autoreload": false,
  "gitlab_token": "",
  "github_secret": "",
  "timeout": 120
  • cert/key – path to crt & key pem files to enable https
  • commands – paths doing deploing jobs
  • whitelist – list of ip/subnets to allow access
  • log – path to logfile (if you leave it empty, as described in service file – logs will be in syslog)
  • disable_autoreload – disable autoreload feature (use curl localhost:7654/reload to do it manually)
  • gitlab_token – Instead of using whitelist ips you may bypass it using gitlab_token config flag equal to “Secret token” from gitlab webhook configuration
  • github_secret – Or use GitHub secret
  • timeout – how many seconds to wait until process kill (default 10 seconds)

Binary run flags:

Usage of ./deployer:
  -config string
        config file location (default "config.json")
  -listen string
        addr port (default ":7654")

Config manual reload

curl http://localhost:7654/reload

Works on same machine only if is whitelisted in config (default)


sudo systemctl disable mini-deployer ; sudo rm /usr/bin/mini-deployer /etc/mini-deployer.json /etc/systemd/system/mini-deployer.service