API Server

The REST server that powers the API for mcstatus.io. This repository is open source to allow developers to run their own Minecraft server status API server.



  1. Clone the repository to a folder
    • git clone https://github.com/mcstatus-io/api-server.git
  2. Move the working directory into the folder
    • cd api-server
  3. Install all required dependencies
    • go get ...
  4. Build the executable
    • Using GNU make
      • make build
    • Without GNU make
      • go build -o .\bin\main.exe .\src\*.go (Windows)
      • go build -o bin/main src/*.go (Unix)
  5. Copy the config.example.yml file to config.yml and edit the details
  6. Start the API server
    • .\bin\main.exe (Windows)
    • bin/main (Unix)


MIT License


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