The rudimentary golang config tool purpose is to config PHP servers via SS


bootstrap is the package responsible for initating, running and applying the configurations.

cmd is the exec package, it has:

  • config directory which responsible about the configuration for every server.
  • server holds the files which needs to be added to th specified server. it consists of directories {dir name} is server name.
  • tmp is generated directory for the produced condiguration per server. #TODO is to compare the latest state with the new required configuration and produce the difference.
  • defaults.yaml is the default configuration for PHP server

internal has the testing utils for creating ssh server for testing purpose.

target has the remote implementation for accessing servers via ssh, sftp for exec and transfering files.

Avaliable rules: install, remove, run, restart, transfer_files

Config file

the config has to be a yaml file as the mentioned structure at the bottom and
has to be added in the cmd/config directory

Note: for the config files there is no need to add the PHP needed configs. it’s already added in order to not cause duplications.

for example for just displaying the index.php see config at cmd/config/

    address: server ip
    port: 22
    user: root
    password:  password

  - golang-go
  - apache2

  - apache2

  - apache2

  - owner: root
    group: root
    mode: 0644
    localpath: server/server-1-ip/test.txt
    remotepath: /root/hello.txt
  - owner: root
    group: root
    mode: 0644
    localpath: server/ip/test2.txt
    remotepath: /root/hello2.txt

Run the tool

cd cmd
go run main.go


cd cmd
go run main.go

on Linux


on OSX



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