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The CLI To-Do List / Task Manager for Geeks

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Developer / DevOps / Sysadmin? A command line hero?

Live with the dark terminal?

Think in Markdown?

Finally! A full featured task manager for YOU!

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  • For ninjas – do things faster with keyboard shortcuts
  • Markdown lovers, feel at
    ! You’ll see markdown everywhere.
  • Full featured (almost) – Projects, Tasks, due-dates, task notes…
  • A <4MB app that takes <1% CPU and ~7MB memory 1 – how much lighter you can think?
  • Task note editor with markdown syntax highlighting2
  • Full mouse support


  • Create Project
  • Delete Project
  • Edit Project
  • Create Task (under project)
  • Set Task due date (as yyyy-mm-dd) with shortcut
  • Set Task due date with quick input buttons (today, +1 day, -1 day)
  • Update Task Title
  • Tasklist items should indicate status (done, pending, overdue) using colors
  • Export Tasks (Copy title, dueDate and description to clipboard as Markdown)
  • Pin Tasks
  • Shortcut for Adding new Project and Task
  • Global shortcuts for jumping to Projects or Tasks panel anytime
  • Cleanup all completed tasks of project
  • Task note editor should syntax highlight (markdown) and line numbers
  • Status bar for common shortcuts
  • Status bar should display success/error message of actions
  • Status bar may display quick tips based on focused element
  • Dynamic lists
    • Today – Due Today and overdue
    • Tomorrow
    • Upcoming – Due in next 7 days
  • Integrations
    • Google Tasks
    • (Share your ideas)
  • Time tracking

Ready for action (installing and running)

It’s just a single binary file, no external dependencies. Just download the appropriate version of executable from latest release for your OS. Then rename and give it permission to execute.
For example:

mv geek-life_linux-amd64 geek-life  
sudo chmod +x geek-life

I recommend installing it globally (to run from any directory of your system). It’s easy, just put it in your systems $PATH directory.

sudo mv geek-life /usr/local/bin/geek-life

Done! Manage your tasks your way!

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut key for a pane/element will be marked with underline.

Some shortcuts are global, some are contextual. Contextual shortcuts will be applied according to focused pane/element.
You’ll see a currently focused pane bordered with double line.

In case writing in a text input (e,g, new project/task, due date), you have to Enter to submit/save.

Context Shortcut Action
Global p Go to Project list
Global t Go to Task list
Projects n New Project
Projects /k/Shift+Tab Go up in project list
Projects /j/Tab Go down in project list
Tasks n New Task
Tasks Esc/h Go back to Projects Pane
Tasks /k/Shift+Tab Go up in task list
Tasks /j/Tab Go down in task list
Task Detail Esc/h Go back to Tasks Pane
Task Detail Space Toggle task as done/pending
Task Detail d Set Due date
Task Detail / Scroll Up/Down the note editor
Task Detail e Activate note editor for modification
Task Detail v Edit task details in external editor (default vim)
Task Detail r Rename Task Title
Task Detail x Export Task to clipboard
Active Note Editor Esc Deactivate note editor and save content

Tips about using shortcuts efficiently:

The interface has 3 primary panels

  1. [P]rojects/Task lists
  2. [T]asks of selected project or Tasklist
  3. [D]etails/actions of selected Project or Task

The following diagram shows navigation shortcuts between the panels.

|  P   |         T            |         D             |
|      |                      |                       |
|    Entr=>    ↓   ↑        Entr=>                    |
|      |      tab TAB         |                       |
|   <=Esc/h    j   k       <=Esc/h                    |
|      |                      |                       |

So, what it’s trying to visualize is –

  • Selecting an item with Enter will move you to right panel. That means –
    • Selecting a Project will load it’s tasks and move to Tasks panel
    • Selecting a Task will load task detail and move to Detail panel
  • Use Esc or h (like vim) to move to left panel. Details to Tasks to Projects.
  • To navigate a list (Project list or Task list),
    • Use or j or Tab to go down
    • Use or k or Shift+Tab to go up

Some More hints:

  • If you are a vim user, think like –j/k for up/down list and h for go left
  • Think Esc as a “step back” – to previous pane in most cases.
  • When you’re in a list (Projects or Tasks), Enter will load currently selected item.
  • After creating new Project, focus will automatically move to Tasks. Start adding tasks immediately by pressing n.
  • After creating new Task, focus will stay in “new task” input. So that you can add tasks quickly one after another.
  • After creating new Task, Press Esc when you’re done creating tasks.

Building blocks

  • Made with
    and golang 1.14 (you don’t need golang to run it)
  • Designed with tview – interactive widgets for terminal-based UI
  • Task Note editor made with femto
  • Datastore is storm – a powerful toolkit for BoltDB


If you fix a bug or want to add/improve a feature, and it’s aligned with the focus (merging with ease) of this app, I will be glad to accept your PR. 🙂

You may ask…

Where is the data stored? Can I change the location?

By default, it will try to create a db file in you home directory.

But as a geek, you may try to put it different location (e,g, in your dropbox for syncing). In that case, just mention DB_FILE as an environment variable.

DB_FILE=~/dropbox/geek-life/default.db geek-life

How can I suggest a feature?

Just post an issue describing your desired feature/enhancement and select feature label.

Also, incomplete features in the current roadmap will be found in issue list. You may
issues if you want to increase priority of a feature.


  1. In my Macbook Air, 1.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, RAM: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  2. Using monakai color scheme for markdown syntax

“This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah” – Al-Quran