The ultimate way to move between folders

Goto is a command that can be used like cd, and also allows you to add specific path to move faster, this path can be used like abbreviation or a index number

How to install?

  1. Clone this the repository and go there

    git clone <br />
    cd ./goto/
  2. Compile the code:

    go build -o goto ./main.go ./config.go 
  3. Create the config dir:

    mkdir $HOME/.config/goto/
  4. Move the files to the config dir and go there:

    cp ./* $HOME/.config/goto/ <br />
    cd $HOME/.config/goto/
  5. Add the next file to your shell file:

    source ./ >> {SHELL_FILE} 
  6. To finish the instalation you need to change the GOTO_FILE VARIABLE in

How to configure it?

The configuration file is created automatically. To add or remove fav directories
of your config file, you only need add/remove the block between “{}” in the .json

  "Path": "{THE-PATH}", 
  "Short": "{THE-ABBREVIATION}", 

And you need to add a “,” after the “}” if it not the last of the list