Go API client for MailchimpTransactional

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  • API version: 1.0.47
  • Package version: 1.0.0
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.GoClientCodegen


Put the package under your project folder and add the following in import:

import "./MailchimpTransactional"

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to https://mandrillapp.com/api/1.0

Class Method HTTP request Description
AllowlistsApi PostAllowlistsAdd Post /allowlists/add Add email to allowlist
AllowlistsApi PostAllowlistsDelete Post /allowlists/delete Remove email from allowlist
AllowlistsApi PostAllowlistsList Post /allowlists/list List allowlisted emails
ExportsApi PostExportsActivity Post /exports/activity Export activity history
ExportsApi PostExportsAllowlist Post /exports/allowlist Export Allowlist
ExportsApi PostExportsInfo Post /exports/info View export info
ExportsApi PostExportsList Post /exports/list List exports
ExportsApi PostExportsRejects Post /exports/rejects Export denylist
ExportsApi PostExportsWhitelist Post /exports/whitelist Export Allowlist
InboundApi PostInboundAddDomain Post /inbound/add-domain Add inbound domain
InboundApi PostInboundAddRoute Post /inbound/add-route Add mailbox route
InboundApi PostInboundCheckDomain Post /inbound/check-domain Check domain settings
InboundApi PostInboundDeleteDomain Post /inbound/delete-domain Delete inbound domain
InboundApi PostInboundDeleteRoute Post /inbound/delete-route Delete mailbox route
InboundApi PostInboundDomains Post /inbound/domains List inbound domains
InboundApi PostInboundRoutes Post /inbound/routes List mailbox routes
InboundApi PostInboundSendRaw Post /inbound/send-raw Send mime document
InboundApi PostInboundUpdateRoute Post /inbound/update-route Update mailbox route
IpsApi PostIpsCancelWarmup Post /ips/cancel-warmup Cancel ip warmup
IpsApi PostIpsCheckCustomDns Post /ips/check-custom-dns Test custom dns
IpsApi PostIpsCreatePool Post /ips/create-pool Add ip pool
IpsApi PostIpsDelete Post /ips/delete Delete ip address
IpsApi PostIpsDeletePool Post /ips/delete-pool Delete ip pool
IpsApi PostIpsInfo Post /ips/info Get ip info
IpsApi PostIpsList Post /ips/list List ip addresses
IpsApi PostIpsListPools Post /ips/list-pools List ip pools
IpsApi PostIpsPoolInfo Post /ips/pool-info Get ip pool info
IpsApi PostIpsProvision Post /ips/provision Request additional ip
IpsApi PostIpsSetCustomDns Post /ips/set-custom-dns Set custom dns
IpsApi PostIpsSetPool Post /ips/set-pool Move ip to different pool
IpsApi PostIpsStartWarmup Post /ips/start-warmup Start ip warmup
MessagesApi PostMessagesCancelScheduled Post /messages/cancel-scheduled Cancel scheduled email
MessagesApi PostMessagesContent Post /messages/content Get message content
MessagesApi PostMessagesInfo Post /messages/info Get message info
MessagesApi PostMessagesListScheduled Post /messages/list-scheduled List scheduled emails
MessagesApi PostMessagesParse Post /messages/parse Parse mime document
MessagesApi PostMessagesReschedule Post /messages/reschedule Reschedule email
MessagesApi PostMessagesSearch Post /messages/search Search messages by date
MessagesApi PostMessagesSearchTimeSeries Post /messages/search-time-series Search messages by hour
MessagesApi PostMessagesSend Post /messages/send Send new message
MessagesApi PostMessagesSendRaw Post /messages/send-raw Send mime document
MessagesApi PostMessagesSendTemplate Post /messages/send-template Send using message template
MetadataApi PostMetadataAdd Post /metadata/add Add metadata field
MetadataApi PostMetadataDelete Post /metadata/delete Delete metadata field
MetadataApi PostMetadataList Post /metadata/list List metadata fields
MetadataApi PostMetadataUpdate Post /metadata/update Update metadata field
RejectsApi PostRejectsAdd Post /rejects/add Add email to denylist
RejectsApi PostRejectsDelete Post /rejects/delete Delete email from denylist
RejectsApi PostRejectsList Post /rejects/list List denylisted emails
SendersApi PostSendersAddDomain Post /senders/add-domain Add sender domain
SendersApi PostSendersCheckDomain Post /senders/check-domain Check domain settings
SendersApi PostSendersDomains Post /senders/domains List sender domains
SendersApi PostSendersInfo Post /senders/info Get sender info
SendersApi PostSendersList Post /senders/list List account senders
SendersApi PostSendersTimeSeries Post /senders/time-series View sender history
SendersApi PostSendersVerifyDomain Post /senders/verify-domain Verify domain
SubaccountsApi PostSubaccountsAdd Post /subaccounts/add Add subaccount
SubaccountsApi PostSubaccountsDelete Post /subaccounts/delete Delete subaccount
SubaccountsApi PostSubaccountsInfo Post /subaccounts/info Get subaccount info
SubaccountsApi PostSubaccountsList Post /subaccounts/list List subaccounts
SubaccountsApi PostSubaccountsPause Post /subaccounts/pause Pause subaccount
SubaccountsApi PostSubaccountsResume Post /subaccounts/resume Resume subaccount
SubaccountsApi PostSubaccountsUpdate Post /subaccounts/update Update subaccount
TagsApi PostTagsAllTimeSeries Post /tags/all-time-series View all tags history
TagsApi PostTagsDelete Post /tags/delete Delete tag
TagsApi PostTagsInfo Post /tags/info Get tag info
TagsApi PostTagsList Post /tags/list List tags
TagsApi PostTagsTimeSeries Post /tags/time-series View tag history
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesAdd Post /templates/add Add template
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesDelete Post /templates/delete Delete template
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesInfo Post /templates/info Get template info
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesList Post /templates/list List templates
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesPublish Post /templates/publish Publish template content
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesRender Post /templates/render Render html template
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesTimeSeries Post /templates/time-series Get template history
TemplatesApi PostTemplatesUpdate Post /templates/update Update template
UrlsApi PostUrlsAddTrackingDomain Post /urls/add-tracking-domain Add tracking domains
UrlsApi PostUrlsCheckTrackingDomain Post /urls/check-tracking-domain Check cname settings
UrlsApi PostUrlsList Post /urls/list List most clicked urls
UrlsApi PostUrlsSearchDeprecated Post /urls/search Search most clicked urls
UrlsApi PostUrlsTimeSeries Post /urls/time-series Get url history
UrlsApi PostUrlsTrackingDomains Post /urls/tracking-domains List tracking domains
UsersApi PostUsersInfo Post /users/info Get user info
UsersApi PostUsersPing Post /users/ping Ping
UsersApi PostUsersPing2 Post /users/ping2 Ping 2
UsersApi PostUsersSenders Post /users/senders List account senders
WebhooksApi PostWebhooksAdd Post /webhooks/add Add webhook
WebhooksApi PostWebhooksDelete Post /webhooks/delete Delete webhook
WebhooksApi PostWebhooksInfo Post /webhooks/info Get webhook info
WebhooksApi PostWebhooksList Post /webhooks/list List webhooks
WebhooksApi PostWebhooksUpdate Post /webhooks/update Update webhook
WhitelistsApi PostWhitelistsAdd Post /whitelists/add Add email to allowlist
WhitelistsApi PostWhitelistsDelete Post /whitelists/delete Remove email from allowlist
WhitelistsApi PostWhitelistsList Post /whitelists/list List allowlisted emails

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization

Endpoints do not require authorization.


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