Caching Server for TheCocktailDB

TheCocktailDB is a free API that has a large collection of cocktails. Unfortunately, it has some problems.

  • It’s a bit slow than what you would want
  • The resources are not well structured
  • The endpoints and their parameters are very confusing

This project tries to solve those issues by caching the entire API periodically using Redis. It does that by:

  • Scheduling an Updater that fetches the API and stores its data on a Redis server periodically
  • Exposing a few endpoints that are easier to understand to serve the data from the Redis server

Running the project

  1. Clone the repo
git clone && cd thecokctaildb-cache
  1. Create a .env file with the following variables:

  1. Install the packages and dependencies
go install
  1. Run the project
go run .


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