Elden Backup

Elden Backup is a tool that allows you to backup your Elden Ring saves automatically, without having to worry about losing your progress.

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Getting Started


None. I’ve developed this app in Go so that there were no prerequisites at all, except the game itself of course.


  1. Head to the actions tab and click on the most recent build.
  2. Scroll down to the artifacts section and download EldenBackup.zip.
  3. Inside the zip you will find EldenBackup.exe and Icon.ico. Extract them both in your Elden Ring folder (or really any folder at all).
  4. Execute EldenBackup.exe and enjoy your game.

Update: you can now download the latest release in the release tab.

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When you will open the executable, an icon will popup in the system tray, at the bottom-right of you screen. Right clicking on it will allow you to either close the app or execute a backup immediately.

There are three different types of backup:

  • Automatic backup, this happens while you play, and at the end of your session you will have one of these backups per day. If your game crashes and somethings gets corrupted, this is the type of backup you can refer to.
  • Manual backup, this backup happens only when you click on “Backup now” from the system tray.
  • Startup backup, this backup happens every time you open EldenBackup.
  • Timeout backup, this backup happens every once in a while when you play. By default, it happens every five minutes, but you will be able to change the amount of time between these backups from the configuration file.

In your backup folder you’ll find all your backups in the format: ER0000_timestampK where K indicates the type of the backup.

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Upon your first launch of Elden Backup, you will find that a configuration file has been created in its containing folder. What follows is a list of all the different configuration options:

  • BackupDirectory, this is the directory in which all your saves will be backed up. By default this will be '%appdata%/EldenRingBackup'.
  • BackupIntervalTimeout, this is the time in minutes between the timeout backups. By default five minutes, 5.
  • BackupOnStartup, this specifies whether Elden Backup will perform a backup upon startup. By default true.
  • UseSeamlessCoop, set this to true if you’re using the SeamlessCoop mod by LukeYui. This app was made with SeamlessCoop in mind, as some of its mechanics might break quest triggers, therefore this is set to true by default.

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Restore a backup

To restore a backup, all you have to do is to copy-paste it inside %appdata%/EldenRing and rename it ER0000.co2 or ER0000.sl2 depending on whether you’re using the SeamlessCoop mod or not.

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  • Basic backup functionalities.
  • Timeout backups.
  • Keep only the last N amount of auto / timeout saves.

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Distributed under the GNU GPLv3 License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

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  • App Icon by Brastertag, on Deviantart.
  • Developed in Golang.
  • This app is in no way affiliated or endorsed by FromSoftware.

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