WinRM Tools

This repo includes several WinRM tools written with Go:

  1. File transfering between two Powershell session.
  2. Running command on remote Powershell session.

I used masterzen‘s amazing repository for WinRM connections.

Feature 1 – File Transfer ?

You can transfer/receive files to/from a Powershell session with an interactive screen.



File transfer tool takes 3 parameters:

  1. Direction: It denotes the direction of the file.
  • 1 for from local to remote.
  • 2 for from remote to local.
  1. First File: File’s path that you want to send or receive.
  2. Second File: File’s target path.

Feature 2 – Command Runner ?

You can run commands on remote Powershell session with an interactive screen.



Command runner tool takes no parameters, you can use it directly from the interactive screen.


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