This is Tiny SHell rewritten in Go programming language.


This program is only for helping research or educational purpose,

DON’T use for illegal purpose or in any unauthorized environment.


I like tsh and I use it a lot in my daily research work. It’s especially handy when researching devices that don’t have built-in sshd or are network limited.

However, sometimes these devices use special systems or architectures that can make cross-compiling tsh painful. So I decided to rewrite tsh in go, and thanks to go’s powerful cross-platform compilation capabilities, I can use tsh more easily on more systems and architectures.

For example, I successfully compiled to the following platforms:

  • aix
  • darwin
  • dragonfly
  • freebsd
  • illumos
  • netbsd
  • openbsd
  • solaris
  • windows




$ makePlease specify one of these targets:        make linux        make windowsIt can be compiled to other unix-like platforms supported by go compiler:        GOOS=freebsd GOARCH=386 make unixGet more with:        go tool dist list

Build for linux

$ make linuxenv GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -trimpath -ldflags "-s -w" -o ./build/tshd_linux_amd64 cmd/tshd.goenv GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build -trimpath -ldflags "-s -w" -o ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 cmd/tsh.go

How to use the tshd (server)


$ ./build/tshd_linux_amd64 -hUsage of tshd_linux_amd64:  -c string        connect back host  -d int        connect back delay (default 5)  -daemon        (internal used) is in daemon  -p int        port (default 1234)  -s string        secret (default "1234")

Listening on target

$ ./build/tshd_linux_amd64

Connect back mode

$ ./build/tshd_linux_amd64 -c <client hostname>

How to use the tsh (client)


$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 -hUsage: ./tsh_linux_amd64 [-s secret] [-p port] <action>  action:        <hostname|cb> [command]        <hostname|cb> get <source-file> <dest-dir>        <hostname|cb> put <source-file> <dest-dir>  -p int        port (default 1234)  -s string        secret (default "1234")

Start a shell

$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 <server hostname>

Execute a command

$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 <server hostname> 'uname -a'

Transfer files

$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 <server hostname> get /etc/passwd .$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 <server hostname> put myfile /tmp

Connect back mode

$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 cb$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 cb get /etc/passwd .$ ./build/tsh_linux_amd64 cb put myfile /tmp


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